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Treasure Hunt


The Game: This exciting new team-building activity fosters group effectiveness in a unique way. Based on the Scandinavian sport of Orienteering (now an Olympic event).

"where individuals use a detailed map to find flags in the forest, "

Treasure Hunt Adventure is driven by a custom-made map of your conference center.

The object is to find the key to the treasure-filled chest. Your large group is divided into heterogeneous sub-groups, each with its own set of clues to find.

"Individual teams soon realize that the only means to the treasure is to work together."

The key, hidden somewhere on the property, can only be found by locating clues circled on their maps (a tree, column, statue, etc.).

me clues can only be acquired when the group completes a "challenge" - a fun test of the team’s mettle. Each sub-group’s immediate goal is assembling their part of the riddle. When assembled, these add up to reveal a final riddle. The excitement builds as all sub-groups must now work together to find the key.

"Primary Benefit | Team Building |Secondary Benefit:"

Communication Strategy Development Time Management Delegation Creativity | Negotiation Working as a team
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