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The words "trekking" and "hiking" are used somewhat interchangeably, but a trek more often refers to a long distance walk along age-old trails, usually in remote areas far from roads or highways. And how many miles do we walk each day? We usually characterize the hiking day in terms of hours. On most treks, we hike from four to six hours a day (with an occasional eight hour day). On most trips, porters, pack animals or vehicles carry all the gear. All you need to carry is a small daypack to hold a water bottle, camera and sweater/jacket.

"Community Interactions : This event is basically to organize the workshop by"

inviting the people from the local community and interacting with them about the religion,

lifestyles, attitude and other aspects on life , how these people live in the region what are their thoughts about the society and the behaviors, exchange of the views from different community gives you and idea about the thought process going in every bodies minds.

"Agricultural Workshops : This practice is basically to tell the "

present generations that what were the equipments which were used in the initial times for agriculture and the techniques used at that time,

they can still see the people using the traditional ways of agriculture apart from the modernity. They can get an idea how vegetables are grown in the fields an how cereals and other food grains which comes to them in homes how they are grown and what is the process involved in this.

"Rescue & Evacuation in Mountains : "

Through this concepts our adventure Instructors

demonstrates the techniques used to rescue some body in the Himalayas when you have limited resources and less people to help. It includes the traditional and modern techniques used for this purpose if somebody stuck in the Himalayas.

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