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Chadwick Falls


The gorgeous Chadwick Falls of Shimla is one of the major attractions of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Located at a distance of about 7 km and 45 minutes walk away from the Summer Hill Chowk of Shimla, the site attracts most of the tourists that visit Shimla round the year. Nestled in the dense woods, the beautiful Chadwick Falls flow from a breath-taking height of 1586 meters.

"Chadwick Falls are located just 7 km away"

from the main center of the city.
To reach Chadwick Fall, you have to pass Summer Hill on the way. It is very easy to reach this place by cab, taxi or bus.The falls are sixty-seven meters high and are at their best during the monsoons !

"The surrounding environment of thick forests, pine "

and deodar trees makes the place look all the more exotic, and adds beauty and serenity to the Chadwick Falls.
The water of the Chadwick Falls is chilly and refreshing. Flowing with a forceful rapidness, the water level is generally increased after monsoons are over. This is the time when the Chadwick Falls looks stunning like scattered crystals. The sight of this sparkling waterfall is a treat to the eyes !

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