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Nestled between the beautiful lofty ranges of the Himalayas, lies the Naldehra hill station. The Naldehra hill resort near Shimla is no less than a picture perfect destination. The blue skies, lush green forests and an occasional rainbow thrown in makes the place look like it has been painted on a canvas.

"The most famous attraction of Naldehra hill station is the 18 - hole golf course"

that is considered to be the most challenging golf course.
Naldehra remained unnoticed till the beginning of this century when the then British viceroy, Lord Curzon, discovered it. He was totally mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place. While exploring the beautiful hill station, he came up with the idea of making a golf course here. The landscape of the place was just perfect to make a golf course. An entire hilltop was leveled to make way for the golf course to come up!

" The Naldehra hill resort is the perfect place to unwind and "

relax amidst beautiful surroundings.
Is equipped with various rides, pools and world's highest go-kart track. Huge number of children, teenagers and adults visit this place. The resorts have complete privacy and literally every window has a different view!

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