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Tara Devi


In Hinduism, the goddess Tara meaning "star", is the second of the Dasa (ten) Mahavidyas or "Great Wisdom [goddesses]", is a form of Durga. Tantric manifestations of Durga or Mahadevi, Kali, or Parvati.

"As the star is seen as a beautiful but perpetually self-combusting thing"

so Tara is perceived at core as the absolute, unquenchable hunger that propels all life.
The oral tradition gives an origin to the goddess Tara. The legend begins with the churning of the ocean between the Devas and Asuras. Lord Shiva drank the poison (Halahala) that was created from the churning of the ocean (in the process turning his throat blue and earning him the epithet Nilakantha), thus saving the world from destruction, but fell unconscious under its powerful effect. !

"Kali and Tara are similar in appearance. They both are"

described as standing upon a supine Shiva in an inert or corpse-like form.
However, while Kali is described as black, Tara is described as blue. Both wear minimal clothing, however Tara wears a tiger-skin skirt, while Kali wears only a girdle of severed human arms. Both wear a garland of severed human heads !

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